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Planning what to wear in Baguio City

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If you have been to Baguio number of times you can attest the cold temperature of the City. It’s cold during the mornings and night. However, it may get scorching hot in the afternoon, which breaks all illusions that the City of Pines is cold all day. It is best to plan your activities that you will be cover by noon. Baguio City has an exceptional weather, these points may help you on what to wear in Baguio City.

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1.       Pack a light jacket to keep you warm during the cold days in Baguio. You don’t need too thick coat as you may see people walking around in a shirt, pants and sweater.

2.       For those who don’t like to bring jackets, you may bring a scarf or shawl.

3.       During summer time March to June you may pack light clothing like summer dresses, shirts, shorts although it could still get windy in late morning.

4.       You may also want to bring hat/bonnet or cap although Baguio has a cool weather, the sun is still scorching hot in noon time.

5.       Don’t forget your sunglasses when you travel to Baguio. You need to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

6.       Umbrella. Oh yes! Bring an umbrella. You’ll never know when it rains. I’m sure you don’t want to get wet and also this may use when the sun shines.

7.       Bring specific clothing for activities such as horseback riding, golf, paintball, biking and swimming.

8.       Make sure to wear comfortable footwear to enjoy the beautiful views of Baguio.

9.       Toiletries are essential and prescribed medications, so it should be brought along with you.

10.   Bring a camera!


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