Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Neutriderm Skin Lightening Crème

Before I start with my review on this crème, let me give you some details about the product:

Brand name: Neutriderm
Ingredient: Herbal
Form: Cream
Use: Face
Place of origin: New South Wales, Au

This product caught my attention because I have a small number of freckles on my right cheek and I’m looking for a beauty product that will help reduce or lighten my freckles. Neutriderm Skin Lightening Crème is recommended for the reduction of hyper pigmentation on the face. It helps to decrease the appearance of melasma, freckles and age marks. According to the experts, it is a multifunctional topical antioxidant and is suitable for all skin types. No bleaching agents that is why it is safe to use every day.

I bought the product to my dermatologist for Php 2,500, quite expensive for a small beauty product (50 g) but who cares anyway, I’d love to have my freckles to disappear.  I put a small amount of cream on the area where I have freckles. I did this every night as instructed. After a week, I’ve observed no improvement and my freckles are still visible. My freckles is not that dark, it is light brown and if you’re very keen like me you will easily notice them on my right cheek and it feels terrible. I’m not happy at all since the product promises a quick result. Do I need to wait a month or two to see better results? The worst thing happened to my face that I never expected was I got pimples on my right cheek. So instead of reducing my freckles, this product caused me pimples. After I had breakouts, I gave the crème to my Mom and she used it and she said that she’s very satisfied with the result and honestly she’s a devoted Neutriderm Crème user until now. I consulted my dermatologist and I've learned that I have a VERY SENSITIVE skin. I remember one time when I tried pumpkin peel, it has a cooling effect at first but after few minutes I'm uncomfortable with my face because of sudden irritation and redness caused by the pumpkin. I'm allergic to products that contain herbal and fruit extract. 

Now, I'm very careful with the products I use and I see to it before buying, I check the ingredients of that product. 
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