Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hope, faith and Love

New Year away from home is so depressing but looking at the bright side, I’m with my husband in welcoming the year of the snake.  Another year had past and this means new adventure, new beginning… A brand new year!

I welcomed the New Year’s Eve with so much hope, faith and love. They say these three are the important elements in life. But the greatest of all is love. I believe everything comes from love, for example; without love there’s no faith and if there’s no faith, there would be no hope. For me, life without love is meaningless. I remember the song “All you need is love” by The Beatles. :)

I have a strong faith in everything, especially faith with God. Life can be very playful and sometimes problems are blocking my way but it doesn't mean that this will be permanent. It adds spice to your life anyway. Faith doesn't come over night; it is built and grown over a long period of time. In order to have faith you should be able to trust as well.

Hope is what I desire and I’m guilty that I always believe good outcome will come in to one’s life if you are hopeful. When you hope, it gives a fulfillment in our lives because you tend to expect that something good will happen to you but please don’t get despair if ever the roads you've traveled mislead you. Just remember, the road is enjoyable if you have hope because without it, there’s no life at all.

So make your choice, Faith, Hope or Love. Always remember these three comes in package. You can’t have just one of those three. With love comes faith, with faith comes hope and with hope comes life.

Cheers to a better year! 

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