Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Singapore cable car: Night ride

The singapore cable car: Angry bird version

Enjoying the ride with my hubby

It was our first time to experience riding in cable car and the exciting part of it - during at night. 'Twas just perfect since I'd like to see the city at night. :) I love to see lights in different forms. I'm actually have fear of heights but who can't say no to this one. haha!!

I must overcome my fear, right? But that's it, I can't see myself trying bungee jumping or GX-5 Xtreme Swing. We really enjoyed the night. Until next ride!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Traveling in Style: (Airplane) Hair, Makeup,Outfit and my carry on essentials

I usually wear these ensemble when traveling: Printed leggings, shorts, Cardigan/scarf, Hat, denims, long sleeves, flat shoes or boots.

Normally when I’m travelling, I wear comfortable clothes like leggings to keep my legs warm. My leggings are made of cotton-polyester-lycra combination. I have a collection of printed leggings. The most important for me in choosing leggings is the fit. I want my leggings to be fitted, stretchable and doesn't restrict any movement.

Denim tube corset: I can wear this as a dress because its 60 cm long. When I want to feel sexier, wearing a soft denim corset is one of my favorite styles and you can never go wrong in pairing your denim dress with any kind of bottoms like the one I did. I’m in love with the lace up drama in the bust area because it plainly adds more size on that section.

Boots: I’m wearing my favorite “travel” boots. It’s a black-tiger fold over wedge boots. It’s made of synthetic leather. What I love about this boots aside from being cheaper than leather one is it’s durable and easy to clean. Because of its simple care routine it ensures a longer life. My feet can handle plastic shoes; I feel the same comfort wearing synthetic leather shoes.

Makeup: I love wearing blue eyeliner from Max Factor and light pink lipstick from Avon. I want to look fresh and natural. I'm just wearing a powder when traveling. No BB Cream or Foundation.

Hair: Here’s a thing, I don't fix my hair that much, I don't comb my hair when wet and usually forget to comb when it dries. I commonly use my hands just to fix my hair. :)

My carry on essentials

includes: toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine wash, facial wash (sachet), wallet, mobile power charger, lipstick, sunglasses and eyeglasses

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