Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Dream Home

During our first visit on site - July 2011

It all started last year July 2011 after my 25th birthday :) 
How we end up with the design, how we met Engr. Sayo, how we discovered the place... is just so amazing.

This is how it begins...

We went to Camella Homes in Cavite, to check on their model houses. We have offended by the manager saying her  famous line, "How much do you earn per month?"... I answered, "Php*****"

She replied, "I'm sorry but you cannot afford this house and lot. (She is referring to the 100 sqm.) You may check the 80 sqm,". At that moment, I felt insulted but I still managed to control my temper and bid goodbye graciously. She got the nerve to say that and what so sad about it, she didn't do computation before uttering those words. Pathetic!

I felt sorry for her because she had lost a potential buyer. But that incident never stop me from looking for the perfect home for my family.

I felt happy in spite of the bad experienced we had from that lady it seems everything happens for a reason.

My Mom and I went to the mall to eat when I noticed some leaflets neatly placed in a table. There's a phone number listed  in the paper and I sent a SMS. I asked the broker if I can take a day tour in the village. He said yes! 

My Husband and I went on site and saw the place. The moment I saw the Village, I was like "Okay! This is the place!". 

The broker informed us that we can still negotiate the price with the land owner. We found out that it is privately owned by the father of my dermatologist-friend. We are really happy that he gave us a good discount.

 Almost 2 months of wandering, day tour to different villages/subdivisions in the Metro but we didn't like them as much as we like it in this private village.

We are really grateful that God gave us the courage and determination to aim for our goals.

I'm happy to announce that our dream home is already complete few months ago.
Animatd home emoticon 

 Jeff and I believed that it is meant for us.
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