Saturday, October 26, 2013

The song stuck in my head - People help the people by Birdy

Aside from Christina Perri's A thousand Years, People help the people by Birdy keeps on playing in my head today. 

For me, "People help the People" means about how people are becoming greedy nowadays, be it in politics or simply SOME normal people. These people truly think with their heads and not with their hearts. When you have a good heart and willing to help others, you are not expecting anything in return. #justsaying

I have mentioned before that I love this artist so much and she is very talented. I am definitely a fan.
I love her music and her voice. Before I go back to sleep again, let me share with you the amazing talented girl - Birdy. Good night everyone! 

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Style inspiration: Sweet Modern Bohemian

Click here to see My style inspiration of the week: SWEET MODERN BOHEMIAN

Circle skirts with pleats are my obsession. Skirts these days are playful, colorful, have different textures and its length adds more character into them. I always feel young, luxurious, hip and edgy when I’m wearing skirt. I love colorful floral prints and very light skirts.

My brother (Kuya Wilson), sister-in-law (Ate Tin), younger sister (Queen) and I went to see a movie yesterday (Insidious Chapter 2) and this is the outfit I wore.

Solid color blouse: I love print on print ensemble but this time I want to pair my printed skirt with a solid color blouse. I opt a peasant long sleeve chiffon blouse in cobalt blue, featuring a lace-up yoke with cutout shoulders. Square neckline, long sleeves with elasticized ends. Semi-sheer and very lightweight. 

Espadrille Wedges : I'm wearing a strappy faux leather wedge sandals which has 3 inches back heel height and very comfortable for me to walk in.

Beret: I always say yes to hats especially cashmere and crochet beanies. I love beanies that I saw on runway in Alexander Wang and Erin Fetherston fashion shows. 
People wear them all year round and you can wear them with anything.  This time, I'm wearing a special beret because it's from my sister. =)

Makeup: I put it into a habit to avoid too much makeup so I normally use powder, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

Remember: ALWAYS add a doze of confidence and I'm sure you can rock anything you wear.

Please comment below and share your style ideas in wearing circle skirts.

Thank you for visiting my blog! ^_^

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style inspiration of the Week

Style: Sweet Modern Bohemian
Free spirit, fun, young, fabulous, edgy, chic, stylish and flirty look

1. Floral Skirt
2. Cut out Shoulder Blouse
3. Wedge Sandals
4. Long necklace
5. Stack of bangles
6. Bohemian Style earrings

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