Friday, November 16, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez

No longer one, but two

Most people don't know that I tied the knot. Some are very surprised because of our decision in getting married. Many were asking me if I'm preggy and if it's really final. Of course I'm very firm in my decision and no I'm not pregnant. Yes, we were married in civil ceremony and we planned that for about 6 months. It was very simple yet we get to see some close friends and get to spend a night with our family. The announcement is abrupt but not the marriage.
We arranged the wedding requirements and booked our wedding date a couple of months before his flight in Singapore. Honestly, it wasn't my dream wedding and we need to consider what should comes first on our list, dream home or dream wedding. We chose to have a dream home and then our dream wedding.
I'm such a lucky lady because my husband CAN bear my "kaartehan" ,"kakikayan" & being a "meticulosa freak". I'm a detailed-oriented person and I'm very keen in creating ideas and planning. I exceedingly pays attention to detail.
Every now and then we discuss about our dream wedding. It is no doubt and I can't hide that I really want to have a church wedding. I've been doing some research of wedding themes, who will be our photographer and videographer, bridesmaids dresses, flower arrangement but I spend a lot of time in searching the perfect wedding gown. 
I will not yet reveal my ideas here because I want it to be a little surprise for everyone, especially my wedding gown designer. Kabogera and peg! 
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