Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Christmas in Singapore

This is my first Christmas away from home but looking at the bright side, I'm with my hubby. So I still feel like I'm home. I admit I missed my family in the Philippines but as much as I want to be with them right this moment, I can't. I also want to be with my husband and spend the holidays with him.

Anyway, my husband and I have decided to visit my good friend Kath in her office. Yes, Kath is on duty. I want to see her because since we came here in Singapore in Feb 12, 2012, 
I never get a chance to see her again. So I think tonight is just perfect :)

We spend hours of catching up and exchanging stories. We even talked about our dreams going somewhere when perfect time permits. It's a nice feeling spending time and talking to a good friend. I haven't notice that it's getting late and our housemates are waiting for us.

Here are some of our pictures inside their lobby.

With my good friend Katherine Occena

With my super sweet hubby

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez

No longer one, but two

Most people don't know that I tied the knot. Some are very surprised because of our decision in getting married. Many were asking me if I'm preggy and if it's really final. Of course I'm very firm in my decision and no I'm not pregnant. Yes, we were married in civil ceremony and we planned that for about 6 months. It was very simple yet we get to see some close friends and get to spend a night with our family. The announcement is abrupt but not the marriage.
We arranged the wedding requirements and booked our wedding date a couple of months before his flight in Singapore. Honestly, it wasn't my dream wedding and we need to consider what should comes first on our list, dream home or dream wedding. We chose to have a dream home and then our dream wedding.
I'm such a lucky lady because my husband CAN bear my "kaartehan" ,"kakikayan" & being a "meticulosa freak". I'm a detailed-oriented person and I'm very keen in creating ideas and planning. I exceedingly pays attention to detail.
Every now and then we discuss about our dream wedding. It is no doubt and I can't hide that I really want to have a church wedding. I've been doing some research of wedding themes, who will be our photographer and videographer, bridesmaids dresses, flower arrangement but I spend a lot of time in searching the perfect wedding gown. 
I will not yet reveal my ideas here because I want it to be a little surprise for everyone, especially my wedding gown designer. Kabogera and peg! 
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Neutriderm Skin Lightening Crème

Before I start with my review on this crème, let me give you some details about the product:

Brand name: Neutriderm
Ingredient: Herbal
Form: Cream
Use: Face
Place of origin: New South Wales, Au

This product caught my attention because I have a small number of freckles on my right cheek and I’m looking for a beauty product that will help reduce or lighten my freckles. Neutriderm Skin Lightening Crème is recommended for the reduction of hyper pigmentation on the face. It helps to decrease the appearance of melasma, freckles and age marks. According to the experts, it is a multifunctional topical antioxidant and is suitable for all skin types. No bleaching agents that is why it is safe to use every day.

I bought the product to my dermatologist for Php 2,500, quite expensive for a small beauty product (50 g) but who cares anyway, I’d love to have my freckles to disappear.  I put a small amount of cream on the area where I have freckles. I did this every night as instructed. After a week, I’ve observed no improvement and my freckles are still visible. My freckles is not that dark, it is light brown and if you’re very keen like me you will easily notice them on my right cheek and it feels terrible. I’m not happy at all since the product promises a quick result. Do I need to wait a month or two to see better results? The worst thing happened to my face that I never expected was I got pimples on my right cheek. So instead of reducing my freckles, this product caused me pimples. After I had breakouts, I gave the crème to my Mom and she used it and she said that she’s very satisfied with the result and honestly she’s a devoted Neutriderm Crème user until now. I consulted my dermatologist and I've learned that I have a VERY SENSITIVE skin. I remember one time when I tried pumpkin peel, it has a cooling effect at first but after few minutes I'm uncomfortable with my face because of sudden irritation and redness caused by the pumpkin. I'm allergic to products that contain herbal and fruit extract. 

Now, I'm very careful with the products I use and I see to it before buying, I check the ingredients of that product. 
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

FunkyBabyIce's Subject matter

It’s time to enhance my skills in painting. One of my friend said “you should follow what your heart really desire, if you love to paint then why not enhance it, enroll in an Art class; I can recommend you a good Master”.

It really excites me when I heard that. Before, I only draw animé characters. I sometimes imagine myself in a random animé character. I love their costumes especially their eyes and funky hairstyles. 

This time I’m interested in Idealism and Realism Style. There’s so much in my mind I would love to paint and show my talent. I think I will focus on my daily encounters to get an inspiration.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Giant Christmas Tree in Orchard Central

Me and my sweet hubby

Well, tomorrow is to begin the perfect Weekdays? For me, spending time with my hubby.. our weekend"gala". 

Walking along Orchard road we've seen Christmas decors as early as August  :) I really feel the spirit of Christmas. I remember during my childhood we have a small Christmas tree at home and we put decorations and to make it more beautiful we put different lights on it. 

I really miss my family. But I'm still happy because I'm with my husband. This will be our first Christmas together. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Dream Home

During our first visit on site - July 2011

It all started last year July 2011 after my 25th birthday :) 
How we end up with the design, how we met Engr. Sayo, how we discovered the place... is just so amazing.

This is how it begins...

We went to Camella Homes in Cavite, to check on their model houses. We have offended by the manager saying her  famous line, "How much do you earn per month?"... I answered, "Php*****"

She replied, "I'm sorry but you cannot afford this house and lot. (She is referring to the 100 sqm.) You may check the 80 sqm,". At that moment, I felt insulted but I still managed to control my temper and bid goodbye graciously. She got the nerve to say that and what so sad about it, she didn't do computation before uttering those words. Pathetic!

I felt sorry for her because she had lost a potential buyer. But that incident never stop me from looking for the perfect home for my family.

I felt happy in spite of the bad experienced we had from that lady it seems everything happens for a reason.

My Mom and I went to the mall to eat when I noticed some leaflets neatly placed in a table. There's a phone number listed  in the paper and I sent a SMS. I asked the broker if I can take a day tour in the village. He said yes! 

My Husband and I went on site and saw the place. The moment I saw the Village, I was like "Okay! This is the place!". 

The broker informed us that we can still negotiate the price with the land owner. We found out that it is privately owned by the father of my dermatologist-friend. We are really happy that he gave us a good discount.

 Almost 2 months of wandering, day tour to different villages/subdivisions in the Metro but we didn't like them as much as we like it in this private village.

We are really grateful that God gave us the courage and determination to aim for our goals.

I'm happy to announce that our dream home is already complete few months ago.
Animatd home emoticon 

 Jeff and I believed that it is meant for us.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

COJ Family

My COJ Family

I really miss my Chronicles of Jologs (COJ) Family. Our group name is really cool. hehe
A few would define "Jologs" as "baduy", "pang-masa" and the worst definition would be someone who try so hard to belong in elite society. For us it is not like those horrible definitions of our group matters but on how we defend our friends, gives advice, listen, care, helping one another, share things with each other and especially my COJ Family tells you when you are wrong. They will never tolerate wrong doings. I love them so much!

 We've shared laughter, adventure, "kulitan", craziness during our college days and its almost 12 years of friendship and still counting. I miss you guys! 

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
Charles R. Swindoll 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Singapore cable car: Night ride

The singapore cable car: Angry bird version

Enjoying the ride with my hubby

It was our first time to experience riding in cable car and the exciting part of it - during at night. 'Twas just perfect since I'd like to see the city at night. :) I love to see lights in different forms. I'm actually have fear of heights but who can't say no to this one. haha!!

I must overcome my fear, right? But that's it, I can't see myself trying bungee jumping or GX-5 Xtreme Swing. We really enjoyed the night. Until next ride!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Traveling in Style: (Airplane) Hair, Makeup,Outfit and my carry on essentials

I usually wear these ensemble when traveling: Printed leggings, shorts, Cardigan/scarf, Hat, denims, long sleeves, flat shoes or boots.

Normally when I’m travelling, I wear comfortable clothes like leggings to keep my legs warm. My leggings are made of cotton-polyester-lycra combination. I have a collection of printed leggings. The most important for me in choosing leggings is the fit. I want my leggings to be fitted, stretchable and doesn't restrict any movement.

Denim tube corset: I can wear this as a dress because its 60 cm long. When I want to feel sexier, wearing a soft denim corset is one of my favorite styles and you can never go wrong in pairing your denim dress with any kind of bottoms like the one I did. I’m in love with the lace up drama in the bust area because it plainly adds more size on that section.

Boots: I’m wearing my favorite “travel” boots. It’s a black-tiger fold over wedge boots. It’s made of synthetic leather. What I love about this boots aside from being cheaper than leather one is it’s durable and easy to clean. Because of its simple care routine it ensures a longer life. My feet can handle plastic shoes; I feel the same comfort wearing synthetic leather shoes.

Makeup: I love wearing blue eyeliner from Max Factor and light pink lipstick from Avon. I want to look fresh and natural. I'm just wearing a powder when traveling. No BB Cream or Foundation.

Hair: Here’s a thing, I don't fix my hair that much, I don't comb my hair when wet and usually forget to comb when it dries. I commonly use my hands just to fix my hair. :)

My carry on essentials

includes: toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine wash, facial wash (sachet), wallet, mobile power charger, lipstick, sunglasses and eyeglasses

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: Nichido Girls’ Night out Eyeliner Pencil

Product information

Price: Php 80.00
Net weight: 1.4 g
Shade range: Deep blonde, 24K, Bronze Glow, Deep Plum, Turquoise, Metal Blue, Smoke Green, Sea Green

I don’t buy a lot of drugstore makeup but when I saw these bright color eyeliners in Nichido stand, I immediately tested it at my wrist and bought the shades deep plum and turquoise; these two are easy to glide on the lids. I did not put any pressure when I applied it on my lids and waterline because they are soft and creamy. I tried the deep plum one night and have it stayed in my eyes for about 30mins before I wash off and then sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I have had swelling and red bumps under the eyes. I’m very sure that I completely removed the eyeliner before I sleep. I’m quite unhappy because of this. I experienced mild inflammation or dermatitis as a result of the reaction. My rashes were completely cured after 3 days.

  • Wide range of shades to choose from
  • Affordable

  • Neither hypo allergenic nor allergy tested
  • It did cause me a skin allergy

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't fret or be envious

Every so often I get so envious of those who can swim. I have feared the water because I almost die in the pool when I was a kid. I'm one lucky girl because my husband knows how to swim.. well the basics. But hey he is the best swimming instructor ever! He has a lot of patience and very nice coach. hehe!!

After a week or two, I can finally swim on my own. ;)  swimming smiley photo: Swimming not-tagged-smiley-10841.gif

I can relate it to challenges in life, it's not there for nothing. It has a purpose why we are being tested. All we need to do is overcome life's challenges for us to analyze our courage and willingness to change. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips and facts in going to Singapore

 1. Get an EZ-LINK CARD

The MRT in Singapore goes everywhere on the island as well as their buses are so easy to ride because they use a single payment system called EZ-Link card.
An EZ-Link card is a must if you’re like me who wants a hassle-free travel else you have your Singapore coins ready before stepping in to a bus. It accepts coins/exact change and you must know how much the fare costs from place to place since every km has an equivalent rates. Same goes with the MRT Station, before you can enter the station, you need to tap the card at the panel and as you disembark just tap again your card and it will automatically deduct the fare.

My husband already bought me a TOP UP Card a day before my arrival in Singapore. This EZ-Link card costs SG$15 (RELOADABLE) has an initial value SG$10 when you buy it plus it has a lot of use; it can be used to pay for MRT, taxi fares, bill at restaurants and even vendo machines.

2. Thirsty? Don’t buy bottled water because you can drink tap water in Singapore. It is safe and clean. Bottled water in supermarkets/minimarts cost around SG$2. Tap water = FREE!

Hawker stalls

3.Hungry?  Who says that you cannot enjoy Singapore cuisine in a very reasonable price? Explore Singapore’s delicious food by eating in food courts and hawker stalls.

Me at the Fauna and Flora Park, SG

4.Enjoy the Parks. Who would have thought that a city like Singapore who appears mostly concrete is blessed with excellent parks? You can enjoy the skyline views for free and they have a system interconnecting links parks to each other via a skywalk. 

5.Starhub’s Prepaid Card

You can buy a prepaid SIM card from Starhub for SG$15 and it comes with a SG$18 load.

6. Do not smoke and drink. A pack of cigarette cost around SG$16 and drinking is too expensive. Singapore has a high taxation for these two. Even the entrance fee in clubs cost around SG$20-30. So it may sounds practical if you like to drink just opt to buy from minimarts. lol

Have a safe trip and enjoy!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

First time...

This would be my  first time to go in Singapore and I want it to be more exciting, meaningful and wonderful. I'm really excited to see the city and of course to be with my husband. This day is not enough to see the whole beauty of the city but I'll definitely find more time to check it out. These are some of our pictures so far! I'm saving a lot of our pictures in my cellphone and never imagined that it will crashed. I should've save all of them in my lappy. 

These are the pictures that I saved in my lappy tappy :)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come fly with me

My window view from plane awhile ago, isn't lovely?

A few months ago I've been in a situation wherein I need to leave my comfort zone as well as take a step higher than what I expected.

It was never easy to go at first because l built my "career" and developed good camaraderie in HP but I want to spend time with my Husband who works in Singapore. I'm not scared in new beginnings, in fact I'm excited to take on additional responsibilities and consider new work environment. 

I'm equipped and I know my courage, patience and understanding will be put into test. Bring it on! I will get there whether they like it or not. haha!

Goodbye Philippines (for now) and hello Singapore! :)

I have always wanted to travel to countries in South East Asia. My number one destination is Singapore. The English name is derived from a Malay word “Singapura” meaning Lion City. I am fascinated by this small City-State island which consists of 63 islands, including the main island known as Singapore. I was also amazed by their man-made connections going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I’ve been to Johor Malaysia and I will give you some updates later. ;) In terms of their economy, Singapore is a world leader in financial centre, has the second biggest casino gambling market, has oil refining centers and one of the top oil rig producer. Singapore is such a wonderful place. :)

Merlion at night

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It started with a KISS? Nah!

Meet my husband (Jeffrey)

I'll give you a little background how we met and became friends.

We were in the same circle of friends (COJ Family). I'm in my junior year while he is in his second when we got introduced by one of our COJ friend Rannel. During the first intro, he just say "hi" and glance me once. That's it! He never talk to me or spend a minute or two to know me more. Well, I'm not the only one in that room. Almost of our COJ friends are there and we were like making noise and doing some "kulitan" moments while he's busy playing online games. It's like he has his own world. haha!! He never bother to join us in our craziness "kulitan". Plus he's very quiet. I swear I didn't hear him talk the whole day. Very mysterious guy indeed and interesting too. But honestly I'm not attracted to "silent" guys. I find them weird and boring.   

Before our graduation day, he was the only person in the group I didn't spend time to have a chat or discussion about anything. I've realized it's kinda odd since we've been in the same circle of friends. As I graduated in 2006, I never saw him again and I may consider that our friendship had been frivolous. 

In 2009, he sent me a PM when he saw me online and the "conversation" started from there. I can describe that little chat really changed my first impression towards him.

It's funny since I've realized that he can actually talk when he pay a quick visit in our home.

During our talk, I found out that he actually likes me but he's such a gentleman because he knew that I'm in a relationship back then. He chose to avoid me by not talking to me whenever I'm around during our college days. 

I'm not the type of girl who get attracted physically. I sincerely have no idea that he liked me ever since.. At first, I'm quite surprise about his gestures of  preventing me but when I understand his reason I then accepted his offer of a good friendship. It's like we have not been properly introduced.

We have an open conversation about everything. About our families,  work and of course I shared some stuff about my ex boyfriends. I don't want to blow my own horn that I'm off the hook and never hurt someone. He (my husband) is a very honest man that's why I wanted to tell him everything.

I just want my man to treat me justly, someone so true, faithful, honest, who has pure intentions and whose ears are open to listen. My husband have these traits and he is the only one who never get tired of my "kakikayan", "kakulitan", "kaartehan" and worst my "katoyoan".

I have met a very good husband. I prayed so hard that one day, I bump into my soulmate. One answered prayer. 

Kaya nga when he asked me to marry him, hindi na ako nag-dalawang isip pa. haha!! Agad-agad ang sagot ko-Yes! Now na!    

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