Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It started with a KISS? Nah!

Meet my husband (Jeffrey)

I'll give you a little background how we met and became friends.

We were in the same circle of friends (COJ Family). I'm in my junior year while he is in his second when we got introduced by one of our COJ friend Rannel. During the first intro, he just say "hi" and glance me once. That's it! He never talk to me or spend a minute or two to know me more. Well, I'm not the only one in that room. Almost of our COJ friends are there and we were like making noise and doing some "kulitan" moments while he's busy playing online games. It's like he has his own world. haha!! He never bother to join us in our craziness "kulitan". Plus he's very quiet. I swear I didn't hear him talk the whole day. Very mysterious guy indeed and interesting too. But honestly I'm not attracted to "silent" guys. I find them weird and boring.   

Before our graduation day, he was the only person in the group I didn't spend time to have a chat or discussion about anything. I've realized it's kinda odd since we've been in the same circle of friends. As I graduated in 2006, I never saw him again and I may consider that our friendship had been frivolous. 

In 2009, he sent me a PM when he saw me online and the "conversation" started from there. I can describe that little chat really changed my first impression towards him.

It's funny since I've realized that he can actually talk when he pay a quick visit in our home.

During our talk, I found out that he actually likes me but he's such a gentleman because he knew that I'm in a relationship back then. He chose to avoid me by not talking to me whenever I'm around during our college days. 

I'm not the type of girl who get attracted physically. I sincerely have no idea that he liked me ever since.. At first, I'm quite surprise about his gestures of  preventing me but when I understand his reason I then accepted his offer of a good friendship. It's like we have not been properly introduced.

We have an open conversation about everything. About our families,  work and of course I shared some stuff about my ex boyfriends. I don't want to blow my own horn that I'm off the hook and never hurt someone. He (my husband) is a very honest man that's why I wanted to tell him everything.

I just want my man to treat me justly, someone so true, faithful, honest, who has pure intentions and whose ears are open to listen. My husband have these traits and he is the only one who never get tired of my "kakikayan", "kakulitan", "kaartehan" and worst my "katoyoan".

I have met a very good husband. I prayed so hard that one day, I bump into my soulmate. One answered prayer. 

Kaya nga when he asked me to marry him, hindi na ako nag-dalawang isip pa. haha!! Agad-agad ang sagot ko-Yes! Now na!    

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