Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Christmas in Singapore

This is my first Christmas away from home but looking at the bright side, I'm with my hubby. So I still feel like I'm home. I admit I missed my family in the Philippines but as much as I want to be with them right this moment, I can't. I also want to be with my husband and spend the holidays with him.

Anyway, my husband and I have decided to visit my good friend Kath in her office. Yes, Kath is on duty. I want to see her because since we came here in Singapore in Feb 12, 2012, 
I never get a chance to see her again. So I think tonight is just perfect :)

We spend hours of catching up and exchanging stories. We even talked about our dreams going somewhere when perfect time permits. It's a nice feeling spending time and talking to a good friend. I haven't notice that it's getting late and our housemates are waiting for us.

Here are some of our pictures inside their lobby.

With my good friend Katherine Occena

With my super sweet hubby

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