Saturday, November 23, 2013

Experimenting with style: Lazy day outfits

 As the days begin to get shorter and the weather starts to cool down, it is easy to find yourself in a style groove. I see this also an opportunity to experiment with the clothes I love. I have left bunch of clothes in Singapore, so I only have few pieces here in Manila. My challenge is to come up with different looks with very limited items in my closet.

I have decided to list down my favorite lazy day outfits.

1.       Skirts and leggings
How can you say no to a very cute and edgy skirt? Flare skirts are my favorite because it is so feminine and a great combination with tights and perfect for layering with coats, cardigans or blazers.
Beanie, Tiger print Jacket, Striped shirt, Skater skirt, Thigh high socks and Ankle boots
Denim Dress, Printed leggings, Leopard Wedge Boots, Faux fox ears cap

2.       Sweater
Sweater is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe because it is cute, chic, and laid-back, it's so fun and versatile. Make sure to check what fits to your style. Don't be afraid to try pairing sweater with different textures and patterns like corduroy. 

Army green sweater with pearls and studs, Beret, Corduroy Striped skirt, Thigh high socks and Ankle boots

3.       Over sized cardigan, coats, jacket or blazer
This item will always be included in my lazy days outfit. I easily get cold and I highly recommend an over-sized cardigan to make you feel more comfortable and perfect for an extra layer of warmth. You may go for fun and colorful pattern blazer, jacket, coats or cardi.

Leopard Fedora hat, Striped shirt, Aztec print shorts, ankle boots

4.       Scarves
If you want to be covered and want a light garment, scarf is the answer. This is the easiest trick to accessorize an outfit. This is the best way to experiment with textures, colors, patterns and designs.

Don't put away your leopard print just yet. Classic brown and black will always be in style but you can experiment with different colors of leopard.

5.       Plaid button-down shirt
 The chicest magazines are pushing for plaidThis will provide you warmth than a long sleeve shirt and will not compromise your style and comfort. 

Military jacket, plaid shirt, shorts, thigh high socks, booties, suede brown bag

6.       Boots
This is the foundation of your fall fashion outfit. I like ankle boots but if you need more leg coverage then tall boots is for you, just add coat and high socks; you're good to go.  Knee high or thigh high socks and tall boots will give you extra warmth feeling during colder months.
Winter/Autumn high boots, denim skirt, striped shirt and bandana

Tartan skirt, Sweater, Dark brown Autumn boots, Red high socks, Lapel Blouse with gemstones

7. Metallics
      This may be out of your comfort zone and may sound counter-intuitive to the traditional.    Add some shine and glitz with your blouses, pants/leggings, shoes or bag.

Metallic blue leggings, Wedge boots and Loose Shirt with studs and spikes

8. Beanie/Beret,Fedora, Baseball cap
Do not forget a super cute cap. When in doubt, put a cap on it! I love wearing cap, any kind of hats. Fedoras, Beret, beanies, baseball cap, floppy hats and a lot more!

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