Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come fly with me

My window view from plane awhile ago, isn't lovely?

A few months ago I've been in a situation wherein I need to leave my comfort zone as well as take a step higher than what I expected.

It was never easy to go at first because l built my "career" and developed good camaraderie in HP but I want to spend time with my Husband who works in Singapore. I'm not scared in new beginnings, in fact I'm excited to take on additional responsibilities and consider new work environment. 

I'm equipped and I know my courage, patience and understanding will be put into test. Bring it on! I will get there whether they like it or not. haha!

Goodbye Philippines (for now) and hello Singapore! :)

I have always wanted to travel to countries in South East Asia. My number one destination is Singapore. The English name is derived from a Malay word “Singapura” meaning Lion City. I am fascinated by this small City-State island which consists of 63 islands, including the main island known as Singapore. I was also amazed by their man-made connections going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I’ve been to Johor Malaysia and I will give you some updates later. ;) In terms of their economy, Singapore is a world leader in financial centre, has the second biggest casino gambling market, has oil refining centers and one of the top oil rig producer. Singapore is such a wonderful place. :)

Merlion at night

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