Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips and facts in going to Singapore

 1. Get an EZ-LINK CARD

The MRT in Singapore goes everywhere on the island as well as their buses are so easy to ride because they use a single payment system called EZ-Link card.
An EZ-Link card is a must if you’re like me who wants a hassle-free travel else you have your Singapore coins ready before stepping in to a bus. It accepts coins/exact change and you must know how much the fare costs from place to place since every km has an equivalent rates. Same goes with the MRT Station, before you can enter the station, you need to tap the card at the panel and as you disembark just tap again your card and it will automatically deduct the fare.

My husband already bought me a TOP UP Card a day before my arrival in Singapore. This EZ-Link card costs SG$15 (RELOADABLE) has an initial value SG$10 when you buy it plus it has a lot of use; it can be used to pay for MRT, taxi fares, bill at restaurants and even vendo machines.

2. Thirsty? Don’t buy bottled water because you can drink tap water in Singapore. It is safe and clean. Bottled water in supermarkets/minimarts cost around SG$2. Tap water = FREE!

Hawker stalls

3.Hungry?  Who says that you cannot enjoy Singapore cuisine in a very reasonable price? Explore Singapore’s delicious food by eating in food courts and hawker stalls.

Me at the Fauna and Flora Park, SG

4.Enjoy the Parks. Who would have thought that a city like Singapore who appears mostly concrete is blessed with excellent parks? You can enjoy the skyline views for free and they have a system interconnecting links parks to each other via a skywalk. 

5.Starhub’s Prepaid Card

You can buy a prepaid SIM card from Starhub for SG$15 and it comes with a SG$18 load.

6. Do not smoke and drink. A pack of cigarette cost around SG$16 and drinking is too expensive. Singapore has a high taxation for these two. Even the entrance fee in clubs cost around SG$20-30. So it may sounds practical if you like to drink just opt to buy from minimarts. lol

Have a safe trip and enjoy!

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  1. thanks darling for info

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  2. great tips!:) I'd like to visit Singapore one day!♥



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