Monday, July 29, 2013

My Online shop - Southern Belle

I’m so grateful and honored to share with you my small business – my very own online shop. I started to open it yesterday July 27, 2013 and I’m so happy that finally I took some risks to begin such business like this. I named my online shop SOUTHERN BELLE. Me and my husband are still doing the website. It is still under construction as of the moment. Right now, I put it up on Facebook.  I’m always a fan and fascinated of fashion of that era. Typically they wore hoop skirt, corset, pantalettes, a wide-brimmed hat and gloves. They also frequently carried umbrellas and hand fans to protect themselves from the sun.

Here are some of Southern Belle's items:

We have Maxi dresses, Bodycon dresses, Maxi skirts, Bandage skirts, Lace dresses, Floral dresses, Belts, Scarves and a lot more! Items price range from Php150-Php400 or US$3.46-US$9.24 excluding shipping fee.

Here are some style inspiration I come up with Southern Belle's items:

Blouses, Shorts, Pants, Skirts and Accessories are FOR SALE

 Be a modern Southern Belle!

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