Sunday, July 7, 2013

My vacation in Philippines: Baguio day 1

Almost every year we go here for a short vacation, normally in the month of April. Just like last year before I go back to Singapore, we went in the city of pines and stayed for three days and two nights. 

Today, we went here again to celebrate my birthday. Well I think this vacation will be memorable.  The month of July is very close to my heart. It has a lot of memories like example we've acquired our dream home in this month two years ago after my 25th birthday; Mom’s birthday is in this month as well and so on…

I remember the first time I tried horseback riding and I’m so freaking scared. I’m very scared that I almost cry. Anyway, let’s just stop there and proceed to what I’m wearing.

I always love floral prints which send a girly girl vibe and its simplicity adds glamour and sophistication. I wanted to look relaxed and effortlessly pretty so I decided to wear this floral top from H&M and gray shorts from jag jeans. The accessories I'm wearing are white gold earrings and Gold Bvlgari necklace - gifts I received from my husband 3 years ago. :)

I think the entire ensemble perfectly matched with the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio City. 

I will give you some updates later because I will relax and enjoy for now. 

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