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How to wear boho style

You can call it boho, hippie, tribal, generally this style is timeless and effortless.

When we say bohemian, we think free-spirit, earthy, relaxed, chic and fun. It’s all about being natural with some splash of colors like yellow, blue,silver or gold,  orange, green and magenta. It can be printed/patterned designs or in bold solid colors but earth tones are the best. Boho-chic style is very fun and I’m super in love with this look. Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller are some of my favorite boho chic celebrities.

Bohemian fashion is my kind of style and I really feel good when I dressed up in this look. My readers asked me to give advice on how to wear the boho trend. 

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Stay effortlessly chic and natural!

Here are some tips on how to look  boho-chic:

1. Clothes – Boho is all about being free-spirit and natural. Don’t feel shy in expressing your own individuality. Colors are major factor in choosing the pieces to look boho-chic. Nowadays, you can switch to colorful designs with beautiful print dresses and tops. You may wear flowy shirts and skirts without looking too baggy. Choose for tops with beading, embroidery, floral prints or crochet details that are perfect to wear with shorts, wide leg jeans or skirts.

2. Shoes –You can pair your boho inspired look with gladiator sandals, wedges, platform, bejeweled sandals, silver flats and it can be very chic when you wear boots with legwarmers. Choosing the shoes/sandals depends on your preference. For me the aforementioned above are the best. The most important thing is you feel comfortable with the shoes you’re wearing.

3. Accessories – With the right accessories, this will make your outfit more attractive and in choosing the ‘boho’ style accessories is probably the most important part. Embrace this style with piling chunky wooden bangles, faux leather strap bracelets, beaded bracelets, gold hoop & dangling earrings and mixing different necklaces. It’s awesome to mix and match pieces for necklace, rings and bracelets. Feathers are always in style and some stone rings.

4. Hair – having a straight hair is good and to be more boho-chic, just give a little curls to your locks. You can also braid your hair and add some flower headress or headband. The idea here is to make it more natural and effortless.

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