Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Denim and Chambray

How do you differentiate denim to chambray? I always hear “chambray” but how would you know if the fabric is a denim or chambray?

 I have seen chambray and denim tops and dresses in boutiques and yet still confuse which is denim and which is chambray. 

Some people think that any soft fabric that looks like a “denim” or “blue/acid wash denim” is a chambray… just like me! J Not all the time. So chambray can be in any color and it’s not just shirt, tops or shorts, dress that look like denim.

The top I'm wearing in the picture is a denim. This top is so soft and very comfortable. Denim is not always stiff while chambray is soft. It is actually hard to differentiate these two fabrics just by touch. 

Please see the picture below:

Denim has diagonal weave while chambray is criss-cross weave. 

Now, if you are in doubt whether it's a denim or chambray, flip over the fabric and take a look at the underside. J

It's worth knowing the difference. J

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