Monday, July 1, 2013

Turning 27

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a small and simple birthday party wherein my close friends and relatives are there to show some love on my very special day. Even if I only have spaghetti and ice cream to offer my guests is all right though. Despite the fact that my family seldom gives me a lavish party (I never ask them anyway), I’m very happy because we’re complete and that would be the best birthday gift!

Today I turn 27. I started to feel an adult when I turned 20. This will be the first time I’m going to write about my birthday and few happenings, wishes, attaining some sort of goals and overcoming all conflicts in my life since I considered myself as a very private person. I usually hold back these things and typically share it with my Mom because she is my most trusted woman and best friend.

I am happy looking back in the year when I was in my twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth birthdays. In those years, I have faced demanding situations which I need to give out quick decisions and it's very crucial because once I made my choice that would be final.

I quit my job (I had planned to do that anyway long time ago), get married, planning our dream home, leave my comfort zone, my friends and go to a foreign country where I felt a total stranger. On the other hand, I’m very grateful for the opportunity as my husband is working there and we’ll have the best moment together.

When making decision gets tough, I pray so hard. I pray to Almighty God to give me strength and wisdom in order to give me the right one. I will always go after what He plans for me. It is not easy what I experienced between those years but as I look back, I see myself as a very strong and optimistic young lady.

This what I call ‘foreign country’ is my training ground for a much larger field before I set off to a much bigger and better state. I met people every day with different races whose opinion, outlook in terms of work and life even in small things increasingly motivated me to attain my goals. I must admit that these people play a part in making me as if I’m bulletproof. I knew my weaknesses so I considered that I could outwit, outplay and outlast (SURVIVOR) anything in way because I am stronger.

Yes, just like last year I have small and big desires. I knew that as my goals became greater and larger, the obstacles in the way would also intensify.

I believed that God is constantly watching over me when challenging circumstances set upon. He assured me that everything had a purpose. Every so often, I want to run away from this cruel world and look for a safe haven to keep my balance. I found myself inside of a church in Singapore. I have established myself once again and now I’m in a good shape.

There were people who extended their hands who helped me toward hope and a better perspective. I had incredible set of new friends, housemates – Charity, Jam, France, Mavis, Myra and Rhea whom I treat equally like sisters and second family in Singapore. I love my parents so much and I know they are sending their prayers as well. I’m truly blessed to have such great friends and family.

There were so many blessings than holes so I have reasons to be grateful. Somehow changes need to be made after I weathered the storm. I know that I’m developing a good relationship with God and now I fully understand that I need to focus on the things I want to achieve and make an effort to stand firm on it.

Do you know the feeling of being lost? For the past 3 years, I couldn't think of the right profession. I'm very vague of what I want. I became an application/software developer, IT engineer, System admin et al. Yes, I do job hopping too often which turn out to be a trend! Haha! Seriously, I begun to doubt what I want in a job. I initiated to find the right employment, niche to stop this crazy job hop.
First, I did a self assessment and  then I realized I easily get bored with these work assignments that became more of a daily routine. I wanted a more challenging and brain stimulation which I found in web and software development. Please don't get me wrong, I'm just being honest. I never find any satisfaction or  should I say never found happiness in my other previous jobs.

It was so lame having the same old stuff but then the next day surprisingly your boss will give you new tasks which after you'll notice it was NEVER actually NEW TASKS.. I felt trapped in a world that was never made. There's one thing I'm happy about, it's Friendship. My true happiness in my previous jobs are only my friends.

 My mind begins to wander and think of new stuff and open myself in learning. I grabbed the chance to do self study with the help of my husband since he knows a lot of things when it comes to IT. Over the years, I've developed concentration in web site designing and development. 

At long last, it's clear now. I wish my efforts would turn out well because I’m just giving myself a chance and what my heart desires.

Thank you God for blessing me much more than I deserve.

I’m very very grateful for this wonderful year. :)


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  1. Happy Birthday my dear friend, I wish you a beautiful day with your familly ...
    You are very sweet!
    I think you ❤


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