Friday, July 26, 2013

8 Ways to mix and match patterns

Are you having a hard time mixing patterns? Have you tried mixing patterns and textures? It may sound risky if you’re unsure of what to pair with. Let me give you some tips for ways to mix patterns just in case you’re ready to give it a try!

1.       Stay in the same color family

If you’re uncomfortable to use contrasting colors, pick a color from the print and there you have it. Contrast in fashion is fun but is it safer to pick any color from the print because it make your outfit a little more basic and the patterns are not too busy.

2.       No too much pattern

Keep in mind too much pattern can be overwhelming. Break it up with a solid color.

3.       Neutral prints
Neutral patterns are famous when you want to be bold but still has a classy feel vibe.

4.       Avoid matchy matchy patterns
Avoid going polka dots from head to toes – polka dot shoes & shirt or going stripes all the way. There’s no wrong with mixing the same style of patterns in one outfit, BUT make sure choose different scales and doses. Mix big polka dot top with a smaller polka dot skirt and a blouse with thin stripes look good with a skirt that has large stripes.

5.       Two different patterns
Never mix patterns that will struggle with the other pattern. Mixing large floral with a large plaid may look awkward, but if you keep the other pattern smaller than the other; it will look good. Having two patterns in one outfit is a very good idea.

6.       Try texture
If you’re not yet ready to try mixing patterns with another pattern, then start with a pattern and a texture. Try to wear a fur vest with plaid top and incorporate it with contrasting color skirt.

7.       Do it in a subtle way
You can pair your solid color t-shirt with floral skirt and add a polka dot flats. Sometimes going for subtle is the best way to mix patterns as long as the rest of your outfit pulled together.

8.       Switch up the scale of the patterns
You may want to try mixing leopard print shoes with floral pants or you may pair a plaid top with a leopard print shorts. It can be very interesting.

So for the bold and the brave, don’t limit yourselves!

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