Sunday, July 7, 2013

My vacation in Philippines: Baguio day 2

My day two in Baguio City is full of excitement and extraordinary journey… My second time to try horseback riding but still feel scared. But I got to take a crack at this. Few minutes had passed then pfft! I need to stop the horse ride and think of other good options. I thought of swan boat rides. That sounds fun! So we went to Burnham Park to try swan ride. I felt happy just by looking at the swan boat, can I tell a secret? I’m actually scared of lakes, oceans, pools. Whenever I need to go to any major bodies of water, I pray a lot. I know it may sound stupid but hey I have phobia so you can’t blame me. Haha!

Here are some of our pictures.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the rides. Now, let’s go to my outfits.

I want to make it simple, as a result I wore these black and white jeggings and tiger print muscle tee.  The jeggings is from American Apparel and the muscle tee is from Forever 21.
 I added a skull cap in burgundy and high-cut shoes with spikes from H&M.


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