Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Vacation in Philippines: Summer Saya in Manila Ocean Park

The summer is not yet over because I can still feel the heat here in Manila. My face is sweating like a pig at least not my UA (that’s yucky). We went in Manila Ocean Park a while ago, if not for my nephew (Gabriel Dominic) I don’t want to go here. Don’t get me wrong, I love fish and other aquatic animals but I already foresee what will happen next – chasing Gabriel all day. There’s no traffic that’s why my mom and I approached the place in no time. My nephew loves fish, he’s happy whenever we watch “Finding Nemo” every night. Take note every night. This is my most watch movie ever! As in ever! Playing over and over again when the movie comes to its end, Gabriel says “one more!” We will watch it together because he has this habit of sitting on my lap immediately before I start to go out of our room. If ever I run, he will cry and I don’t want him to cry.  From the time when I arrived here in our home from Singapore, it’s been 21 days now since we started watching Finding Nemo. By this time can you imagine how we memorized every sequence of this movie? J

We bought the package “Deep Sea Rush 5” with attractions: Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show, Marine Life Habitat, Musical Fountain Show and Jellies Exhibit. The ticket is at sale price of Php550.

This day, Gabriel met Nemo and other aquatic animals. We decided not to watch the Sea Lion Show, not to go in Marine Life Habitat and Musical Fountain Show because of excessive heat and Gabriel is a brat; Mom and I don’t have enough energy to stop Gabriel’s tantrums.

It’s a fun and exciting day indeed minus the brattiness of my nephew but its ok; we still enjoyed our mini tour. I know Gabriel will remember the little fish named Nemo he saw in the tank.

Here are some of our pictures:

My Mom and Gabriel

With Gabriel

Dancing Jellies

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