Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My niece's underwater themed party

The bday celebrant with her parents (Ate Dang & Kuya Joeseph)

Apart from wedding, one of my favorite celebrations is birthday party. I love attending to children's parties and I feel like a child when I see clowns, colorful balloons and magic shows. 

Nowadays balloons come in different shapes and sizes and the magic show I've seen in Unah’s party execute different techniques and very entertaining. 

Family pic with the celebrant

Under the sea theme party :)

Sugar swing!!! This 6 inch - 4 layer cake on top with cupcakes taste so good. It taste just right. Not too sweet. I’m not in a very good mood that day because of my migraine and eating sweets depends on my mood. I tried just two cupcakes since I’m anxious to get fat.

The cake table setting is so adorable plus the blue and white balloon arc adds charm - overall two thumbs up!   

Some charming beach bucket for kiddos

Super cute table setting with balloon fish as a center piece

Cutey octopus balloon

After the magic show, here comes the puppet show and then the bubble show. For some reasons I don’t like puppets. I feel scared with their looks and when I look at their eyes; they look so real as if they are alive – so I’m scared. And puppet show for me is tedious. Super long and its repetitive. 

On the contrary I didn't get bored because the puppet always cracking jokes. Now I love puppet shows simply because it made me smile. Having a vacation and attending to a birthday party with super nice magic/puppet shows are so much fun.

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