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Review: Xtreme Arbutin Serum Skin Illuminator

After my skin got a bad reaction to Neutriderm, I switched to Xtreme Arbutin Serum.

My Mom already tried a lot of skin lightening products and she gave me an advise to try Extreme Arbutin Serum after she saw my frustrations with Neutriderm. She have tried both products and she didn't have any allergic reactions. After a couple of weeks, I saw huge difference to her face. 

My Mom has beautiful – young looking skin. That’s why I’m convinced to give it a try. I am aware that we have different skin types and products that are good for you may not be good for me but I just want to find out whether Extreme Arbutin Serum will deliver same positive results. This Serum cost Php2,000.00.

Let’s get to the review.

It is a serum-treatment for blemished skin. It whitens and brightens skin which also removes any stain on the skin caused by pigmentation. It is natural and dermatologically tested.
This product composed of Arbutin, licorice extract, shea butter and kojic acid used as a skin lightening agent. Also added in the ingredient is tocopherol (Vitamin E) as a natural antioxidant and Vitamin C.
I’m using the product every morning before I apply my BB Cream and powder and at night before bedtime. You’ll not get an oily skin because Extreme Arbutin Serum does not contain mineral oils and it immediately absorbs the serum.

From my daily application of the serum morning and evening on the area requiring treatment, I've noticed the reduction of my "very few" blemishes.It did not happened overnight, okay?  The reduction of my blemishes took about a week to fade. It may depends on how too many blemishes you have on your face. My face only have few blemishes due to sun exposure. Since there are many different types of blemishes with many different causes, the treatment for each is a little different. This product solved my skin blemishes issue in no time. 

I don't have a close up photo of myself  before I use Extreme Arbutin Serum since the blemishes on my face are only few, it's not that obvious but I don't like these dark spots stay there forever.

I have my most recent photo taken May 26, 2013. I only wore pink blush on, pressed powder and lipstick. I'm proud to say that I do not need to wear BB Cream or foundation and even concealer.

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  1. Hi. I'm using also the product because the dermatologist prescripted it to me. It's really good, but i don't know where to buy other than my derma. May i know where did you buy your arbutin? Is it available in the drugstores or beauty shops?
    Thank you in advance.:)

  2. Hello Ms. Ivy! My Mom bought it from our derma in philippines (Bulacan) then shipped it to me in sg. I've tried to search in local drugstores in sg but I couldn't find it. The product is really good. Thank you very much for dropping by :) Have a good one!

  3. nice dresse !!!
    What a pretty smile ❤

  4. Great review and beautiful dress!

    New follower :)

    Xo, Michelle

  5. Hi winchell! May i know kung san ung derma in bulacan na meron xtreme arbutin serum? Wala kc aq mbilhan khit saan eh. Thanks. ;-)

  6. Hi mam this is MEDREP from Zenaust Pharma.We distributor of DIESTHETICS here in philippines which handling XTREME ARBUTIN. Kindly Leave your number. i'll just contact you.

    1. I need it as soon as possible kindly contact 09263202600. And I cash.

  7. hello mr. Jhay Santos.. I am interested in buying extreme arbutin..this is my number 09062542854, thank you!

  8. hi mr jhay number interested to buy xtreme arbutin...good day..

  9. Hi Jhay Santos. I'm interested in buying Xtreme Arbutin. My number is 0936-940-9888. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks much!

  10. Hi I'm interested to buy arbutim serum ,how much?09998546525 my number

  11. Hi, I'm still using this. Can I ask if this is safe to use while pregnant?

  12. Im also interested ..pls msge me . 09291024016


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