Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Vision Board

I am by no means perfect and there are so many things I desire in this life and one of those desires is to have a good and happy relationship/love life. I was so young when I fall in love, the relationship never flourished. I did not expect that my heart will be broken at a very young age. I never give up waiting for true love however the long days, weeks, months and years had passed yet I felt sad about it. God knows I wanted to have a fulfilling and happy relationship then a beautiful and successful marriage. I am so anxious why my past relationships didn't work out. Somehow I can’t find the real answer to my question. I’m confused and scared. I've realized that the love I have for myself is becoming less and less. I suffer from depression not just because of failed relationships I had but also for some frustrations and obstacles I need to go through to succeed. Succeeding seems so hard for me but still my mom is always there to give advice and I speak to God to have a peace of mind.

I realized I just want and see shiny things in life and forget about God’s plan for me. I am becoming very selfish and thinking only for myself. Being humans, we automatically become materialistic and desire more and more. My mom helped me to get this through by praying. She showed me love, care and understanding that lighten my perspective in life.

I toss out all the negativity and welcome positive thoughts to come inside my door. I hone the faith I have for God which I overlook because of my selfish desires before. We have been blessed to enjoy what God has placed on this Earth but it can become a double edged sword. I remember the Bible tells us that if we, “Take delight in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart” -Psalm 37:4. God knows what I wish for and He never failed to give me blessings. I’m really happy that He gave me a very loving family, friends and husband. Before, having a loving boyfriend is one of my wish but God gave me more than what I asked for. He gave me a very good man. I believed that my husband is a heaven sent. I also believed that God has the best plan for me – for all of us. We just need to wait for the perfect time.

I understand that we should put God first above anything else and everything will fall into the right place. We should place Him above our vision board. A vision board full of faith, hope, love, peace and kindness. He is the Almighty. I am allowing Him to run my life. I will not let negatives take over and will never worry even though wanting to succeed seems very tough because I have a BIG GOD.

Today, I pray that God will be first on my vision board and I will trust on Him alone. Allow Him to know what’s on your heart and mind. Speak to Him. Let’s see how our life changes as we place God as number one on our vision board.

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