Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inner beauty

Does anyone of you can measure beauty, strength, love, purpose in life or talent?

I cannot measure any items mentioned above. These days, it seems so hard to define the real meaning of beauty. It looks like the society, country and media has a strong influence to people. The classification and standard of beauty among others have been lift from having a fair skin, being thin and young. Some countries have affected their beliefs in being beautiful, young women are getting obsess with thin body, fair skin but in some other countries they like tanned skin, curvy body and that’s how they define beauty. So in every country and culture it varies the meaning of 'beautiful'.

Young women nowadays are pressured to conform to a certain ideal beauty and body standards. Tons of people go overseas to get plastic surgery just to make them look more attractive, thinner and young.

Physical beauty is really good but if you get obsessed being too beautiful, thin and young; try to change your looks just too “fit in” to the society you want to get somewhere is too much to handle.

I stand 5 feet and 4 inches tall but honestly, I kept on concealing my insecurities regarding my height. I really want to get taller like 5’9” so what I did is I drink herbal teas, supplements but as I get older, I've learned to accept the fact that there’s no way I could get taller than 5’4”. Since my Mother only stands 5 feet and my Father is at 5’7”, so the better solution is acceptance. J

One more thing, there came a time that I felt so unattractive because of my weight, I look too thin. To the point I don’t want to look in the mirror. I've realized that my insecurity hit again then I taught myself the word acceptance – AGAIN. J It’s just a cycle you know, felt sad and insecure then learn to accept because the truth is WE ARE BEAUTIFUL in our own ways. As they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Stop searching validation of beauty and social acceptance.

Your appearance is not a reflection of who you are. Live your life because you are beautiful!

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