Monday, December 16, 2013

Traveling in Style: Part 2 (Airplane) Outfit and Makeup

I'm considering Singapore and Philippines' climate and weather that is why I wore light fabric. It's warm and humid all year round in Singapore though in Philippines the wet season already started but still not that cold.

I've decided to wear a jumpsuit (no bathroom troubles so far) and flat shoes. This jumpsuit is very soft, I brought my leather jacket since it's freezing in airport and finish my look with dangling earrings and spiky bangles to look more edgy. 

Makeup: I use BB Cream and powder from Maybelline, Barbie Pink lipstick and gloss, Volumizing and lengthening mascara, Kohl Black Eyeliner all from BYS

Got a nice view

Comfortable chevy print jumpsuit

Aura aura aura :)

My super cool earrings and jacket

Spiky bangles

It's Christmas time! Merry Christmas!!!

With my Hubby

Sweetest Hubby on Earth - Jeffrey Gutierrez
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