Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Experimenting with style: Nerdy but Cute #1

I like to try different style and come up with various looks. It is fun and exciting! 
I easily get attracted to bow ties especially with cute designs. It's firmly anchored within the sartorial repertoire of masculinity. Culturally-gendered as "masculine" but I think women can also pull off this type of men's necktie.

My "A-la-Teacher" peg (No pun intended)

Fall Seven times stand up eight. My Motto :)

Nerdy but Cute #1: I'm wearing an old rose color T-shirt over a long sleeve polo (which I had to cut the sleeves and leave only the collar). I added a navy blue polka dots bow tie, candy color eyeglasses. I chose printed chiffon skirt and doll shoes. I choose to wear simple pearl earrings and pearl bracelets.

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  1. such a cute look!
    cool blog!
    following u hun<3



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