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Reshaping the hippie look and Be a Modern Bohemian

I would like to give an interpretation of the bohemian trend. I love this style so much and I want to share some ideas how you can dress boho-chic. We’d like to look away from costume-like baggy replication of an era from 60’s to 70’s and get a fresh modern feel look, reshaping the bohemian style today. Subtly stylish piece of clothing, yet still with a hippie spirit and an evolution we can embrace. Let’s proceed to my outfit style ideas and some subtle way of re-imaging the past.

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1.          Feminine floral prints and Maxi dresses
Flowy silhouettes in chiffon fabric with romantic touches, floral prints and delicate lace accents, ethnic/tribal prints as well as maxi dress with cut outs influences today’s bohemian flair. These types of dresses can be worn with minimal accessories unlike putting too many chunky bracelets and necklaces; this is more luxurious than ever before.

Style idea #1
Forever 21 Dark Rose flower crown

Style idea #2
Studded clutch and heels by Zara

2.         Wide floppy hats and Flower crowns
This striking accessory is everything “boho-chic”. Without putting so much effort, a complete gorgeous wide-brimmed floppy hat can take your outfit to the next level and can update your look in an instant. This is the perfect accessory to achieve the modern luxe bohemian style.

The total feminine flower crowns echoed yesterday’s braided/weave headpieces with feathers. Instead of copying past headpiece, the flower crowns comes in different styles, colors and sizes. It’s still keeping the bohemian feel reaching the present’s modern lines.

3.         Flowy jumpsuit and romper
If you’re really keen on sporting this trend without looking a person from the past; try to find  a flowy jumpsuit and rompers . These are fashion staple both for casual and formal wear. Without losing sight of the present flair, invest in a flattering jumpsuit or romper in light fabrics, lace, floral or paisley prints and bold solid colors like burgundy, tan/nude, blue or magenta. In this way you have the hippie look without stepping back in time.

Style idea #3

Sheinside Pink Black Lace romper
Valentino Clutch

Leather Colorblock Strappy Sandals by Reed Krakoff

Style idea #4
Tan scarf neck Jumpsuit by Michael Kors
Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribute' sandals

4.         Gladiator sandals and flat embellished sandals
Style your tie dye silk short dress with flirty heeled gladiator sandals. For a much comfortable yet statement ranking, throw on a flat embellished sandals. Being a modern bohemian, the footwear is really important.  This is the number one visible in an outfit.

5.         Loose curls, braided up-do and loose french braid hairstyles

Your hair says it all in your total look. Sport a simple and fresh clean braided up-do or if you don't have the skills to do it, try the effortless loose curls.

That's it, Lovelies! Those are  something reshaping the tradition and subtly came out looking for more luxurious without imitating the past.

Always be confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Let your personality shine through your Style and Look Fabulous!

Thank you for visiting my blog. See you on my next post, lovelies!

❤ Winchell 

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  1. nice post about bohemian style and tips! continue posting <3

  2. Can't get enough of this post. great tips and nice styling! I love your style! Keep it coming


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