Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Experimenting with style: Sporty girl

Hi everyone! How's your day so far? I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)
At Gardens by the bay, Supertrees in my background
Today, I feel a little sporty but I still want to look feminine and cool.
The hounds tooth pattern of black and white is popular in tweed materials used for sports coats, casual hats and caps. I often see detective hat in hounds tooth pattern in Sherlock Holmes [fan of the movie as well as the TV series]

A neon yellow floral organza blouse with crystal mirror beads and semi-precious stones pair off with woolen fabric hounds tooth print shorts and running shoes. To break the boredom, I opt for pink socks with Aztec print instead of black or grey socks. Minimalist accessories - Sunglasses, teal sling bag and Hoop earrings.

Clear and colorful semi-precious stones hand-sewed in collar area 

Always be confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Let your personality shine through your Style and Look Fabulous!

Have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog! See you on my next post. ^_^

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