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How to rock ruffled blouse

Not everyone is a fan of ruffles because some women think that the frills detailing is making them look larger or heavy.  Most women have trouble finding the right ruffle blouse/top to flatter their look. There are no rules in fashion, but I believe the guidelines I have provided below will help you how you can look fabulous with this girly and timeless piece.

Generally, find ruffles that will enhance or add volume to areas of your body like your shoulders and bust-area. Please note that you should keep these frills away from the areas of your body that are already full. The ruffles in the shoulder area can make you look taller thus the ruffles around the waist will make you look fat.

Please have a look at my ideas how you can rock ruffled blouse.

1.       Horizontal Ruffled blouses

If you want to create an illusion of having a full-size bust, choose ruffles that pass through in a horizontal line from your shoulder because it will attract attention to your bosom that’ll make it look larger.

2.       Vertical Ruffled blouses

Go for vertical narrow ruffles if you have a well-endowed torso. Having ruffles in a vertical line brings less attention to the eye which avoids the elements from making your chest look any larger.

3.       Ruffles in sleeves

Some women are not fond of ruffles along the front so you may choose to try for a blouse with ruffles adorn in sleeves.

4.       Ruffled blouse pair with structured pieces

Ruffles goes well with structured blazer and pants, for the trouser; you have to choose a style that flatters your figure. You may also want to pair it with tailored denim jeans as long as the color is dark blue and not acid wash to achieve that casual chic vibe. The ruffle itself is super feminine and romantic and we need to balance it out by contrasting with the blazer.

5.       Ruffled blouse, skirt and shorts       

It can’t get any better pairing a ruffled blouse with a black skirt; it is so feminine and gives a Victorian chic vibe. It looks sleek and has achieved the utmost chic style.

*Pairing ruffled blouse with shorts is my favorite. I normally add cardigan and wear ballet flats for a soft and feminine look, this is my way to balance out the ensemble.

Be cautious about dressing in large ruffles when you have a small frame. Ruffles are very visible trimming, one ruffle garment is enough.



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  1. i love this post! certainly gonna try a ruffled blouse asap! kisses


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