Monday, April 8, 2013

Time is gold

Time is really important to heal wounds or damages someone brought you and time can do damages as well. It is no surprise that people also change through time. At some point you will learn to forgive through time. Time really changed me without noticing it. I just realized that there’s a huge transition happened to me. 

My husband and I went to City harvest church (Singapore) and we met a good person that shows excellent leadership and have strong faith and love for God. I encouraged my husband to go in a Sunday service to CHC. I’d be honest, out of my curiosity and also I want to get closer to God are some reasons why I want to see their Sunday service. It is actually my second time hearing a pastor with his preaches from the bible. I’d be honest again, when I enter through CHC door; I feel different… something send chills and shivers to my spine when I heard the people singing the praise song “Sovereign”.

The service took 2hrs 30mins and I never felt boredom. I have to be honest, I can't help myself to get teary eyed that moment, I’m happy and I realized I am fortunate  because I have a BIG GOD who never leaves me, always protects and loves me truly.

I’m happy because knowing that you have great people who offer you their both hands when you’re down is enough to understand that I’m blessed.

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