Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebrating Earth day. Every day


We have a holiday dedicated to Mother Earth. These days some cities, businesses and entrepreneurs are promoting their Eco - friendly products and events related to earth day. It is never too late to start to do something nice for the Earth.

There are so many different ways to celebrate earth day.  Aside from planting trees, why don’t you give yourself a break in using your car? If you’re going to work or school just use an eco-friendly mode of transpo. I love bicycles! I highly recommend this one. Also walking or riding in your skateboard. Cool! :)

And don’t forget to practice recycling materials. Don't discard some electronic gadgets just like that. Some computer parts like processors can turn into usable items like jewelry. Don't ask me how, I don't want to blurt out here the methods. It's our family business, that is why I know junks can be a source of income. :) 

You don’t want to glued your eyes on the  screen of your laptops, go out and meet your friends! Plan a picnic in the park or kick some balls (play soccer). Or walk your dog and go near the pond, so great to feel Mr. Sun in your skin and how wind blows your hair.

But my favorite is planting trees, I love nature and greens. Last 2012, I participated in Tree planting organized by HP.  I know Mother earth will be happy if we continue the small things that will help this world a happy planet to live in. I don't want to live in Mars, okay?! haha!

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